Original Fire Info

Everyone involved in the Gatlinburg fires has a story. On Sunday morning, Dec 11, our Sunday School teacher asked us to share ours. The easiest way to do that is to post it here. Please click here to open a PDF of our story. It will only take you about 5 minutes to read the whole document.

The rest of this page contains photos of the Gatlinburg fire, especially All Decked Out and Smoky Mountain Tower.

Marcia and Angie (our daughters who worked extensively on our rentals at All Decked Out) went to Gatlinburg on December 11. Then Marcia and her husband, John, went back on January 2. During these trips, they took about 450 photos, most of which we are not going to post here. But some have asked what All Decked Out and Smoky Mountain Tower look like now, compared to how they looked before the fire. Because these may be too emotional for some, we have posted several “before and after” photos on a separate page. You can access that page by clicking here.

The map below from the National Park Service and Sevier County shows the magnitude of the fire in Chalet Village North. The red circles show houses destroyed. The green circle show houses “affected” (probably damaged, but still standing. I count less than a dozen “affected” properties, out of a total of more than 550. To see the full map, click here.





The private drive on which All Decked Out was located. Left is a Google Maps view, right is after the fire. The white arrow points out All Decked Out in both pictures.


From the above right photo, this is a cropped image to show a closer view of what’s left of All Decked Out.


Village Loop Road from the Club House down to our private road. All Decked Out is in the lower left of the photo, where the road makes a sharp turn. You can see the triangle in front that had the large bush and some flowers.


Village Loop Road, with the North Club House at the top. Follow the road down to the T. All Decked Out is not shown in this photo – it is out of the picture to the bottom right.


The North Club House. It appears to be untouched by the fire, even though every house on all sides was destroyed. We have also seen a video that shows the sign destroyed.

This aerial photo shows destroyed homes, many burned down to the foundation, the day after a wildfire that hit Gatlinburg, Tenn., Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016. (Paul Efird/Knoxville News Sentinel via AP)

Smoky Mountain Tower. This shows all of Oakley Way (bottom part of photo), with every house destroyed.

Deep South-Severe Weather

From the above photo, this shows Smoky Mountain Tower (top left) and Bob Ward’s house (bottom right). Bob is the realtor who sold us both All Decked Out and Smoky Mountain Tower. The large square box at Smoky Mountain Tower was the sound room.


The Welcome Center sign. This is on the right side of the Parkway (Spur) as you are driving south from Pigeon Forge. This picture says it all – before, during and after the fire.