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Tell us about yourselves.D&P Closeup edit
We are Dave and Phyllis Baseler.  We’ve been married for almost 55 years.  We have three daughters and eight grandchildren.  For most of our marriage, Phyllis has been a stay-at-home wife and mother.  She is the glue that has held our home together.  Dave spent more than 30 years in broadcasting, marketing and communication, retiring in 1998 from ServiceMaster (but he is still active – see below) .  We’ve lived in Detroit, Chicago and Memphis.


In 2000, we moved to a small town in North Carolina to help manage Hickory Cove Bible Camp (www.HickoryCove.org).  That turned out to be more than a full-time job for both of us.  So in 2004, we went retired again – only to be thrust into service as the US Director for a mission organization in Pennsylvania.  We’ve now “retired” from that responsibility, but are still active at Camp and our local community.  Our children live in Raleigh, Nashville and Charlotte, so we travel a lot to see them and our grandchildren.  We both still serve on several non-profit boards and Dave still works with mostly Christian organizations on branding and specialized Board training. Several years ago, he began serving as Executive Director for a small non-profit values-based leadership organization – Delta One Leadership Institute (www.DeltaOneLeadership.org).


Your rates seem really low.  Is there something wrong with All Decked Out?
We keep our rates low on purpose, because we’d rather have more nights booked at lower rates than to have All Decked Out sit empty.  We don’t charge for any extras like cleaning or registration fees.  As for there being something wrong, we invite you to read our guest book comments.  We are confident that All Decked Out is one of the best values in the whole Gatlinburg area, and we challenge you to prove us wrong!


Why can’t I make my reservation for All Decked Out through one of your online advertising sites, like VRBO, HomeAway, Flipkey or TripAdvisor?
We don’t participate in their booking programs for several reasons. The main reason is that they charge you extra fees (as much as 15%), and we work hard to keep your vacation costs as low as possible. They also have a history of providing inaccurate and misleading information. They were fine as advertising sites. But when they decided to get into the reservation business, they have created tremendous problems. We find it’s best to stick with a system that works every time – our ivacationonline secure reservation system.


Why don’t you rent All Decked Out through a local rental agency?
We did that for more than 10 years. Then we found out that the agency was not cleaning properly, not keeping our cabin well maintained, and not always telling us the truth. After renting a house in Florida from an owner who lived in England, we realized that we could do this ourselves and save money for our guests. We started on our own in 2007. A year later, we found a group of other owners renting their own properties, and we found ivacationonline. We’ve never looked back.


How are you able to rent the cabin when you don’t live in Gatlinburg?
We have local people who provide cleaning, security and maintenance services.  We stay in touch with them by phone and e-mail, and we make 5-6 trips to Gatlinburg each year.  We are also part of a group of about 60 people who “rent by owner.”  So we have flexibility and backup to be able to provide you with a quality vacation.


Where can I find your rental policies?
They are available here on our Web site – www.SmokiesRentDirect.com/policies.  You might also want to read “During Your Stay.”


What if I don’t want to make my reservation online?
We understand, although we have never had our website or our reservation website compromised.  If you prefer, you can call us during normal business hours.  We can take all your information over the phone, even though that is much less secure than booking online.  The number is 865-325-9888.


Why don’t you have an 800 number?
Two reasons.  We’re trying to keep costs down so we can keep prices down.  Secondly, we find that so many people have cell phones or unlimited calling plans today that long-distance calling is usually not an issue.  If that’s a problem for you, call us and we’ll call you right back!


What’s the difference between “Smokies Rent Direct” and “Smoky Mountain Tower?”
We used to own two cabins – All Decked Out and Smoky Mountain Tower. We started out using the “Smokies Rent Direct” name to cover both of them.  Then we found out we could get the “Smoky Mountain Tower” Web address.  So we developed  a website just for that property.  But the “All Decked Out” domain was not available, so we continue to use “Smokies Rent Direct” primarily for All Decked Out.  We also use “Smokies Rent Direct” as our business name for tax purposes.  Smoky Mountain Tower is no longer available for rent because it has been sold and the new owner is living in the house.